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Table Layouts – Custom Setup of Columns in Custom Tabs

Learn how to set up custom view in your Custom tabs to have all the necessary information visible at first sight.

Once you set up your Custom Tabs, you may notice that the columns you see do not always show the information you need or are in a different order than wished. 

You can always customize the view with the “Customize” button on the right side of the screen, but that button only changes the view for you, not for other Users. You can customize the view for whole Groups using Table Layouts.

How to customize the columns

General setup

Name – name of the setup, will be visible in the Custom Tab instead of the “Customize” button
GroupsGroups or Users that will have access to this Table Layout. If no Group is selected, it will be available to all of the Groups
Target – which Custom Tab should this setup be applied to
Child table layout – if the Transactions have any child levels, you can set up a custom Table Layout for each of these levels
Child level – if you are setting the Table Layout for child levels, type in the number of the level
Columns – which columns should be visible. You can change their order using the arrows on the left (drag & drop)

Here you can see both the Parent Transaction and its Child Transactions have their own Table Layout set up

You can set up various Table Layouts for one Custom Tab – each Group can have its own view. When you have more views set up, you select the wished one using the arrow that appears in the “Customize” button.

Where to find the Table Layouts that are already set up

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