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More than just a software company

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve business processes. We provide consulting, solution design, implementation, integration, installation, training, maintenance and support with emphasis on systematic improvement of delivered services. We have a long-term cooperation on several projects based on regular care and communication with many of our customers all over the world. Our customers are companies of all sizes: corporations, large companies, middle companies and also small businesses. We have discipline, progressive development techniques, principles, our software is built on top of modern web technologies and we have dozens of successful projects.

Our Customers

Flowis serves a diverse range of clients worldwide, from small and medium-sized businesses to large international corporations. Our platform is trusted by users across the globe, with a strong presence in key regions, including the United States, India, China, and the EU. Join us to streamline your processes and enhance efficiency.

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Our Values

Working with us is convenient and also comfortable because we will do most of the work for you. Solutions developed by us will help you and move your business to a new level. By streamlining your processes, you save a lot of time and by that you will reduce costs and increase your profits. 

Christian principles

Our work is honest and fair.
We emphasize diligence and responsibility.
A fair approach is important.
Working is not everything.
We care about our families.

Support Above Standard

We help our customers beyond the scope of duty. We are not afraid to solve even complex requirements. Customer satisfaction is our joy.


We are one team.
We help each other.
We build friendships in our professional relationships.
We rejoice over the success of our colleagues.

Quality outputs

We want to create software that is simple, comprehensive, error-free, fast, tested and documented. Our customers like to use it. We write a nice code. We follow best practices. We do code reviews for each other. 


We want to improve constantly.
We are looking for new possibilities and solutions.
We appreciate every new idea.
We create new products, automate and let AI do the heavy work.
We support personal development of each individual.
There is no such word as “impossible”, it is only a matter of time until we figure it out.

We believe in giving

At Flowis we recognise the need to alleviate those in need and therefore we are committed to social responsibility by supporting local non-profit organizations in material donations and financial support. Our employees select each year the number of recipients and also help us to determine about the value of our support.

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