Automate and Standardize
Account Reconciliation

Discover how Flowis changes account reconciliation by making them easier and more efficient with automation and standardization. Say farewell to manual reconciliation challenges and enjoy better efficiency.

Why Flowis is Your Best Bet for Automated Reconciliation

Automated Balance Uploads

Quickly bring in your financial data from your different accounting and consolidation systems. Don’t spend extra time manually inputting numbers. It’s like uploading a photo to your computer.


The Flowis system helps match up numbers automatically, so you don’t have to do it manually. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual account reconciliation tasks.

Powerful Reporting Tools

Flowis provides a suite of powerful tools tailored for report generation. Create charts and graphs, enhancing your financial insights. A visual compass guiding you through your financial data.”

Electronic Archives

Secure archives of your financial records in a digital format, ensuring easy retrieval when needed. Flowis organizes digital files, simplifying access to essential documents.

Intelligent Notification System

A comprehensive notification system that keeps you informed about matters that require your attention. Flowis is your virtual assistant sending timely reminders, ensuring you never miss essential tasks or updates in your business operations.

Tailor-Made Workflows
and Comprehensive Audit Trails

Workflow Flexibility

Customized workflows give you the power to set up things in a way that suits your company.

Comprehensive Audit Trails

With our audit trail feature, transparency and accountability are at the core of Flowis, which maintains a complete history of all actions taken within the application.

You're in Good Hands

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How Flowis Automates 
The Account Reconciliation Process



Account balances are seamlessly imported from your accounting and consolidation systems into Flowis. Using your company’s reconciliation matrix, accounts are routed for preparation and approval. Auto-reconciliation handles accounts with no discrepancies, reducing manual workload.


Reconciliation Preparators

Accountants, assigned by their responsibility, prepare cover sheets, supporting documentation, and underlying data to support account balances in Flowis.


Reconciliation Approvers

Approvers review all documentation and can approve or send accounts back to preparators for adjustments. Configure exceptions based on value, region, or sensitivity in Flowis.


Internal / External Audit

Audit teams with access to Flowis can perform reviews without the need for print-outs or copies of reconciliations. Auto-reconciled items skip the audit, saving time and fees.


Compliance Teams

Flowis offers powerful reporting and automated reminders and escalations to ensure timely reconciliation preparation. Internal ad-hoc reviews can be conducted as needed, enhancing the quality of reconciliations.



All reconciliation transactions are stored in a single repository, ensuring data preservation, even when plants are decommissioned or personnel change roles.

See How We
Implemented Flowis

Flowis integrated Yanfeng’s Purchase to Pay (PTP) cycle

Flowis’ integrated PTP cycle is leading companies’ digital transformation by doing the repetitive work, so the accounting team can concentrate on creative, high-value work.

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We maintain SOC Type II compliance, adhere to GDPR regulations, employ TLS 1.2 encryption, and rely on Azure Storage to protect your valuable information.

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