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Improving invoice automation for small and medium-sized businesses
with a ready-to-use solution, designed based on best business practices.

What Are You Paying For?

Easy Onboarding

We understand the importance of speed in business, hence Flowis Play software can be configured in a matter of minutes, not days or months. Moreover, our software provides a guided setup process, ensuring users can effortlessly navigate through the configuration steps with ease.

Pre-made Integrations with Accounting System

Seamlessly integrate Flowis Play with any accounting system – no software changes needed. Our pre-made accounting system integration saves you time and money, ensuring a smooth transition for maximum Flowis Play potential.

What Our Clients Say

Invoice processing made easy!

Process Invoices Easier and Faster

Your invoicing process does not have to be slow and inefficient.
When an invoice arrives, Flowis does 99% of the manual work for you.

With Flowis Play,
You Can Be Confident in Getting Your Money's Worth

Automatic Posting

Automate document posting to accounting system easily with Flowis, ensuring real-time updates and error notifications for smooth operations.

Advanced Reporting and Dashboards

Always have your documents under control and make 100% informed decisions with Flowis live reporting and advanced dashboards.

Automatic Approval
Automatic approval acts as an invisible assistant, removing time delays and streamlining workflows. It also ensures security and accuracy in approving invoices and documents without manual intervention.
Secure Electronic Archive

We keep a tight security system so you can relax and know that all your files will be safe. With SOC 2 Type 2 certifications and GDPR compliance, Flowis is a great choice when it comes to security.

Automatic Collection of Invoices

Flowis provides a solution to the hassle of managing documents scattered across different formats, be it paper or electronic. With Flowis, you can consolidate and organize all your files, freeing up your attention to focus on what truly matters.

See How We
Implemented Flowis

Flowis integrated Yanfeng’s Purchase to Pay (PTP) cycle

Flowis’ integrated PTP cycle is leading companies’ digital transformation by doing the repetitive work, so the accounting team can concentrate on creative, high-value work.

What Are The Benefits?

A New and Simplified Solution

Not everyone needs complicated software solutions. That’s why we’ve developed a simplified version that includes everything you need to automate your business processes.

Invoices Validated As Fast As Lightning

Guarantee timely payments, eliminate the risk of missing out on discounts, and maintain positive relationships with your vendors. Utilize our advanced invoice validation system, powered by OCR, AI, and machine learning technologies to automate and optimize your processes. Benefit from detailed reports and a range of other advantages that will elevate your business efficiency and effectiveness.

Your HR Will Say: “We Have The Best Boss!”

Flowis offers a comprehensive solution for managing every stage of the employee life cycle from onboarding to offboarding. You can easily set up new employee accounts, assign resources, and manage access rights. Additionally, you can generate all necessary contracts and legal documentation required throughout the process.


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Early Access

25€ per month, paid annually

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