Flowis Partners

Flowis would not be possible without the enlightened and generous support of our partners.

Partnerships That Make Everything Possible

We’re honored to cooperate with these expert partners. With these partnerships, our common mission is to share opportunities, together thrive, and create way more value for our customers.


At EY, our purpose is to Build a Better Business World. The insights and quality services we provide help build confidence in capital markets and economies around the world. We develop outstanding leaders who work as a team to deliver on our promises to all our stakeholders. In doing so, we play a critical role in building a better business world for our people, for our customers and for our communities.


Digitalhub.sk is a strategic partner in digitalization and automation, focusing on human-centric digital solutions to enhance businesses and contribute to ecological transformation. They integrate digital technologies across various sectors, offering tailored solutions to optimize processes and enhance competitiveness. As a hub, they consolidate leading European digital service providers, analyzing client needs to propose the most suitable solutions, thereby enabling significant operational savings and efficiency improvements.


iConsultNordic is a consulting and business development firm. They help IT companies from all over the world grow their businesses. Using their well-refined, targeted approach, they are able to identify high-value prospects that have a demand for the services that their clients can provide. They assist their clients in not only identifying the right prospects but also in closing them.

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