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User Delegations – Ensure No Transaction Gets Stuck When Users Are Out of Office

Learn how to set up delegations to ensure no Transaction is stuck because of vacations or illnesses of Users.

At this point, you probably know a lot about how Flowis works and what needs to be set up for the processes to work. But you may be asking yourself – what happens if the approver is on vacation and cannot open the invoice in the next few weeks? What if the accountant is ill and cannot process the important invoice? Well, now you know – you can set up User delegations and solve every similar situation.

With User delegations, you can give one User access to another User’s Action list. This way, no Transaction will be stuck because of the vacation of any of the employees, because the Transactions will be delegated to the responsible deputy employee.

The best thing is that every User can manage his delegations by clicking his profile picture in the top right corner and then selecting “My delegations”. Creating a new delegation is very simple:

  • Delegatee (Receiver)User that will have access to your Transactions in Action list while you are absent
  • Description – voluntary, e.g. to describe where you will be or what needs to be done while you are absent
  • Valid from – the first date of your absence (from this day, your Action list will be available to Delegatee)
  • Valid to – the last date of your absence
  • Files – add relevant files if needed

If the User for any reason did not create his Delegation, Flowis administrator can create it instead of him in the User delegations section in the left menu.

When someone sets you as his Delegatee, a new section will appear in your left menu – “Delegated actions”. Here you will see all the Transactions that need to be processed on behalf of the absent User.

Where to find the Delegated Action List

When opening the Transaction and taking action, you will be notified several times that you are taking action on behalf of the absent User.

The notification about Delegation in the Transaction detail
The notification about Delegation in the Workflow execution window
The notification about Delegation in the Transaction timeline

We know some processes are sensitive and information in Transactions can be very confidential, which means you may not want every Transaction to be delegatable. In Transaction Types, you can set up if Transactions under a given Transaction Type should be delegatable or not. That will ensure confidential Transactions will wait for the main User to return and process them.

Setting up if Transaction under certain Transaction Type can be delegated or not

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