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Workflows 1 – Introduction & How to Create New Workflow

Workflows move the transactions from one status to another. Learn how to create them in Flowis.

Workflows determine the flow of the transaction. In other words, what is needed to move the Transaction to the next step, who can do it, and how. For example, in Workflows, we can set up that after the Invoice is received, it automatically goes to validation Status, or that approver can approve the invoice and send it to the next step, and so on.

How to find Workflows in the Transaction timeline

How to create new workflow

There are three different ways how to create new Workflow.

1. New

Go to Workflows tab, click on “New” and start creating new Workflow from scratch.

How to manually create a new Workflow

2. Duplicate

Go to Workflows tab, “Duplicate” existing Workflow and then edit it.

How to duplicate a Workflow

3. Workflow designer

Learn more about Workflow designer in our next articles.

How to approach the Workflow Design

Continue to our Workflows 2 article where we will continue with the general settings.

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