Pre-Built Integrations in Flowis

Flowis can Integrate with any ERP System!

But here’s a list of systems we integrated so far.


Integrate with QAD fast, like a lightning.

Abra Flexi

Merge with Abra Flexi swiftly, akin to a flash.

Abra Gen

Join with Abra Gen quickly, resembling a bolt.

Money ERP

Sync with Money ERP instantly, mirroring a comet’s trail.

Money S3

Align with Money S3 briskly, as swift as a sonic boom.


Connect with Pohoda promptly, like a swift breeze.


Link with Helios quickly, as rapid as a river’s flow.


Fuse with Omega speedily, echoing a meteor’s rush.


Combine with Quickbooks swiftly, like a shooting star.

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3 Integration Strategies for ERP Systems

Pre-Built Integration

Easy and cost-effective configuration without coding
(application programming interface – API) or IT support.
Ready-made solution already developed and tested.

File Integration

File transfer integration enables seamless and secure transfer of files between various systems, simplifying business operations and increasing efficiency.

Process Integration

Enable automation for diverse processes, including manual entry and specialized workflows, adapting to each organization’s unique methods.

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