Flowis – integrated automation platform

Flowis delivers process efficiencies and significant cost savings for businesses, with a comprehensive solution for all procurement needs.

Flowis – integrated automation platform

At SoftPoint we have developed an integrated automation platform Flowis. 
With our solution, it is possible to implement a full end-to-end Purchase to pay (PTP) process in Flowis that is usually spread across many different systems:
–       invoice scanning and OCR
–       invoice routing and approval
–       internal and external helpdesk to suppliers
–       supplier portal
–       travel & expense reimbursement
–       AP cash-flow forecasting

Expect More, Get More with Flowis

By implementing Flowis our customers gain process efficiencies and significant cost savings. With our optimized process and system design, there are fewer interfaces, process exceptions, support contracts, and knowledge bases.

Your organization directly benefits from lower overall license fees, fewer manual interventions and workarounds, and greater control over cash flow. Flowis is designed to provide a full-service solution for all your procurement needs.

Our modular software architecture allows you to implement only the modules that are relevant to your business environment. Our aim is to help you grow your business, not just manage it. We do this by providing a complete solution that will enable you to reduce costs and improve efficiency across every aspect of your business. From the moment an invoice arrives at your company until it’s paid out in full, Flowis is there with you.

We have also experienced a significant reduction in the number of support calls, which means our customers are able to spend more time on their core business activities. This has resulted in a lower TCO for our customers and increased efficiency for all organizations using Flowis.

Flowis is a Cloud-based solution that can be implemented quickly and easily, saving you time and money. With an integrated development environment (IDE), you can create customized workflows and forms to suit your business processes. The easy-to-use interface allows non-technical users to access the system with minimal training.

Let SoftPoint lead your digital transformation by doing repetitive work, so your team can concentrate on creative, high-value work. 

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