Managing HR processes with Flowis at MUZIKER

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MUZIKER is a company with nearly 400 employees, where managing human resources (HR) processes involves a vast amount of data and constantly changing processes.




One of the crucial parts of the HR department’s agenda is employee data management.

Each employee requires a folder containing the necessary information, such as employment contracts, personal details, salary, spent /available vacation review, job position and its location in our organizational structure, and more.


By migrating this data into Flowis,

MUZIKER has ensured 100% archiving of the necessary information, and the GDPR-compliant features of Flowis have allowed the company to regulate access to sensitive data.



Keeping employee records up-to-date is vital for the HR department, and Flowis ensures this through reminders and notifications, resulting in 100% accuracy.

All data is protected and accessible according to GDPR standards, and access to employee information is limited to authorized personnel (HR, managers, etc.) while preventing unauthorized access.






Easy onboarding and offboarding process

The process of managing employee records begins when a decision is made to hire a new employee. The selected person (such as the department manager) enters the required

data into Flowis, and based on that, the system automatically generates sub-transactions to all the necessary departments to ensure the required items, such as an employment contract, registration with the social security office, creating access to internal systems, and much more are processed.

The company plans to expand this process even further, starting with identifying a vacant job position, advertising on selected platforms, selecting candidates, conducting interviews, and ultimately selecting the appropriate candidate (the stage where the company is now).

The offboarding process is covered in Flowis in a similar way to onboarding. The selected person enters end-of-contract information into the system, and sub-transactions are created to ensure that every aspect of the termination process is done properly and in compliance with the law.




Complete database of all the accesses and programs

Each job position recorded in Flowis has predefined required access to hardware, software, and other items.

Based on this, the sub-transactions are created automatically for the responsible person in that area without the need for manual intervention.

During an employee’s tenure, these accesses may change or increase with rising competence, and there is a simple way to request these changes via Flowis. The database of all the accesses and programs needed across all the company’s departments (from the warehouse to development teams) is created, which allows employees to easily request this access level change and also provides us with an overview of these programs and accesses used within our company.

Upon termination of an employment contract, Flowis automatically generates sub-transactions for revoking the employee’s accesses and assets, based on the termination date entered.




Full absence, overtime, and delegations records and reports

Attendance records in Flowis are also a big plus. The employee can easily request any type of absence (available based on laws and labor contracts) and the responsible department can quickly and reliably transfer this data to the strict authorities (for payroll processing) based on reports.

In addition to absences, we also have the option to record overtime, while Flowis, based on the calendar, evaluates the amount to be reimbursed according to the law (weekends, holidays, working days, etc.)

As part of this record, I cannot fail to mention the system of delegation of tasks and access during an absence. When choosing an absence, the employee is obliged to choose his representative, who will of course be informed about this fact in time and at the same time will be allowed to have access to the data for the given person.


In Conclusion

Flowis has streamlined the HR processes at MUZIKER, resulting in an efficient, accurate, and GDPR-compliant system.



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