AI implementation for Data Invoice Extraction

Discover the numerous benefits of incorporating Flowis qRead and qCapture modules into your Procure-to-pay process.

Softpoint P2P solution is a flexible and scalable software that can be used to manage your business operations. Flowis system helps businesses to reduce manual effort by processing thousands of documents in a second using AI implementation. 

Flowis modules allow invoice processing with maximum accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of invoice data entering the workflow process. The software uses hashes search, layout matching, and implemented artificial intelligence (AI) that ensures almost 100% accuracy in reading invoices. It is especially useful for companies that have a lot of paper-based data and want to convert it into digital format. 

Let us clarify qRead 

qRead (hashes search, layout matching) is SoftPoint’s powerful module to convert paper documents or PDF files into electronic files. It can be used for large-volume scanning and processing of paper documents. Also for quick and easy creation of searchable PDF files from paper documents like supplier invoices, purchase orders, and delivery notes. qRead uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. OCR recognizes and single out a letter on the scanned image and put them into words and sentences. 

While traditional Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution is mostly rule-based or layout-based, qCapture is different. It involves both reading the invoice text and understanding its context with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.  

Familiarize with qCapture 

qCapture is a module built by SoftPoint which uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to process invoices automatically and extract structured data out of these documents. It is designed to be flexible and can be configured to capture all the desired data.  

If your company has a lot of new invoices, or invoices coming from suppliers with constantly changing formats and the company is looking for a way to organize them, then qCapture can be an excellent choice. 

Using a combination of Flowis modules (qRead and qCapture), you can easily and accurately convert paper documents and PDF files into digital formats. The software has an extensive range of features that makes it a highly efficient solution for businesses. While the main benefit of the qRead and qCapture remains that it automates data extraction effortlessly, there are other benefits that Flowis can bring to your business, such as: 

  • reduce back-office costs by reducing manual effort,  
  • save time and recourses, 
  • increase the volume of processed documents, 
  • reduce invoice processing errors,
  • allow faster turn-around time.

Let SoftPoint lead your digital transformation by doing repetitive work, so your team can concentrate on creative, high-value work. 

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