Say Goodbye to Manual P2P Process

Flowis enables businesses to implement the end-to-end Purchase to Pay (PTP) process in one system.

Nothing is more complex than a large firm’s financial back office. Our flagship product, Flowis, will bridge your financial and back office processes in a way that streamlines data entry and information access and transforms your accounts payable processes into a user-friendly and automated system.

Are you ready to streamline your operations and eliminate the need for workarounds, Excel macros, manual work, and duplicate effort with Flowis?

We work with you to design your ideal workflow and help you achieve it cost-effectively.

Flowis – Comprehensive Solution

Flowis enables businesses to implement the end-to-end Purchase-to-pay (PTP) process in one system. It eliminates the need for multiple systems and reduces the number of interfaces, support contracts, and knowledge bases required.

By implementing Flowis, our customers gain process efficiencies and significant cost savings from the different license fees paid to multiple providers. In addition, the system design reduces the need for manual interventions and workarounds, giving businesses greater control over cash flow.

Flowis is a flexible system and can be adapted to meet the evolving business requirements of our customers. It supports tighter integration across multiple financial accounting systems, harmonizing company processes and streamlining operations. 

Built on a robust IT architecture that is scalable from a single server to multi-data centers across the globe, Flowis provides high reliability and availability. It also offers fact-based decision-making capabilities with real-time executive dashboards, enabling businesses to make informed decisions quickly and effectively.

Flowis offers increased compliance with audit history and comprehensive invoice controls. It ensures that businesses can maintain compliance and reduce the risk of errors or fraud.

SoftPoint is a trusted partner for global enterprises. We help our clients overcome data challenges and simplify their business processes with a suite of powerful solutions that are easy to use. 

Let SoftPoint lead your digital transformation by doing the repetitive work, so your team can concentrate on creative, high-value work.

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