SoftPoint Certified with SOC 2 Type II Security Certification

At SoftPoint, we take the security of your information seriously. That is why we made it a priority to become certified as SOC 2 Compliant.

Data security is a top priority for businesses in today’s digital landscape. With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, companies must invest in robust security and compliance measures. At SoftPoint, we prioritize the security of our products and services, providing businesses with the peace of mind they need. 

In this blog, we will delve into the significance of SOC (Service Organization Control) and how SoftPoint’s adherence to SOC standards ensures your data remains safeguarded.

What is SOC?

SOC, or Service Organization Control, is a set of widely recognized standards created by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). SOC certifications assess and validate an organization’s information security practices, policies, procedures, and operations. It ensures that companies like SoftPoint meet the highest standards of security, giving customers confidence in the protection of their data.

SoftPoint and SOC 2 Type II Compliance:

At SoftPoint, we take the security of your information seriously. Our dedication to protecting our customers is demonstrated by our successful completion of the SOC 2 Type I and Type II audits. Conducted by Prescient Assurance, a leader in security and compliance certifications, the audit confirms that SoftPoint’s information security practices meet the rigorous SOC 2 standards for security.

Why SOC Compliance Matters:

1. Enhanced Data Protection: SOC compliance protects your data from unauthorized access. SoftPoint’s platform, including our integrated automation solution Flowis, is designed with robust security features to safeguard your sensitive information.

2. Data Isolation: SoftPoint’s Cloud environment employs a patented isolation approach to provide complete customer isolation in a modern, multi-tenant cloud architecture. Each customer’s cloud environment and data are stored within a dedicated trust zone, preventing accidental or malicious co-mingling.

3. Encryption for Data Security: SoftPoint encrypts all data at rest and in transmission, utilizing unique encryption keys to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your information. It prevents unauthorized access and data breaches, meeting the highest data protection standards.

4. Role-Based Access Controls: SoftPoint implements role-based access control to ensure that only authorized individuals can access specific resources. By following the principles of least privileged access, we significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized data exposure.

5. Ongoing Monitoring and Testing: SoftPoint continually monitors our entire platform, utilizing dedicated and highly trained experts. We conduct internal and external penetration testing, ensuring a comprehensive view of our products and environment from multiple perspectives. Additionally, we perform software application security testing to identify and mitigate any vulnerabilities.


In an era where data security and compliance are critical, SoftPoint is a trusted partner in protecting your business. With our adherence to SOC standards and commitment to continuous improvement, we offer peace of mind to our customers, ensuring their data is secure and their compliance requirements are met. 

By choosing SoftPoint, you can focus on growing your business, knowing your information is safe.

Contact SoftPoint today to learn more about how our integrated automation platform, Flowis, can help you reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance the security of your business operations. Embrace a secure future with SoftPoint’s SOC-compliant solutions.

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