Flowis standardized supplier invoice processing at Johnson Controls

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Johnson Controls is a global company and a world leader in smart buildings. Accounting processes are executed from multiple Shared Service Centers across the globe that process approximately 100,000 invoices per month for all 160 countries where Johnson Controls is present.

With Flowis implementation,

Johnson Controls was able to globally standardize one process on how supplier invoices are received, verified, approved posted, and paid.

This one standard process is possible without the need to replace any of the 30+ different ERP systems that the company is using.


Flowis integrates in the background

to these systems and ensures all the respective central users, who are responsible for multiple different countries do not need to differentiate if they are approving/processing the invoice for different ERP systems.



One central matrix was built in Flowis and can be easily maintained by the company administration team,
ensuring all 3,000 different users have proper access according to companies DOA matrix.


johnson controls system


With Flowis implementation company’s processes were harmonized by supporting integration into multiple finance and accounting systems. This led to significant process efficiencies and visibility of budgets and spending.

One harmonized account payable process leads to increased compliance and governance reducing the audit time and audit fees.


johnson control harmonized procesess

In Conclusion

Flowis reporting capabilities show a global overview of various accounts payable reports without the need to manually combine that data from different accounting systems. Fact-based decision-making with real-time executive dashboards was introduced.


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